Treatment Plan

Congratulations on completing your counseling requirement 

4 Week Treatment Plan

Patient Plan: 

1: Refrain from the usage of illicit substances 

2: Continue to build a positive support system 

3: Be aware of People, Places and Things 

4: Follow up with dedicated sponsor at least 1 time per week 

5: Be open and Honest with your support team about your daily recovery 

6: Follow up with your medical provider at least once every 30 days to review treatment progress

Counselor Responsibilities: 

1: Follow up with patient for required 2 hours (which can be, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on pt status)

2: Maintain a line of communication with patient as necessary to provide guidance and positive support 

3: Provide new and inspiring courses for patient to complete and learn from

4: Provide proper patient testing to ensure patient is comprehending session/course materials 

5: Coordinate care with provider on a monthly basis to ensure that patient is continuing to make progress

Counsel Buddy Supervisor Supervisor Signature:

Allison Six PMHNP

Coordinating Supervising Provider Signature:

Fredric Jarrett MD